Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The angels and GOD in heaven clap hands. The birds chirping melodiously in the background at the break of dawn on 18/2/2014

Notes :-  This blog was initially meant to share my birding field trips reports. Ever since I started to use Facebook I  have not post any updates since then.  This series of posting on Scoliosis is my personal experience.  I had Posterior Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis on 17/2/2014. 

I hope my sharing will serve as an encouragement to those who have spinal deformities like me.  For those who  have Scoliosis, spinal disc herniation, spinal disc degeneration, spondylosis, kyphoysis, do not be afraid/avoid when the  spine doctor recommend  the solution is surgery.  There is hope for you in today modern medical technology.  Please do not endure the pain in silence.

My New Spine

Hour upon hour I keep preserve on keep reminding myself that this pain is manageable.   The blood pressure machine was automated to function on hourly basis.  It is indeed very annoying to feel my right arm being grasp as I wish to sleep through in order to forget about the pain.  In between I think I did 3 pressed to dispatch morphine into my body.  I start to feel hungry as I have not eaten since 7:45am the day before.

Soon I can see the dawn and I know my new day has begun.  This very day 18/2/2014 is an auspicious day as I am like being born again, given a second chance of living again.  God make use the surgeon’s and his team-mates hands and their minds to re-create me a new spine.  I thank you GOD for directing my path. 

These are the tools they used to invade my privacy.

Two nurses walked into my room with new set of hospital gown and clean bed-sheet for me.  They switched off the air-con. They remove the oxygen tubes from my nose, the blood drainage tube from my incision.  The nurse hand me a tooth brush with toothpaste.  Water to rinse it off also was hand over to me.  I followed their instruction to rolled to the left and they put a waterproof sheet on my bed, they skillfully took off my hospital gown and then instructed me to lie down flat on my back.   Iiiiish… I feel very shameful that moment, my modesty and privacy has being invaded lying naked as they sponge bath me.  I keep says I am very sorry… I wish I could do this on my own.  I used to do it on my own.  Sorry… sorry, thank you.  After the sponge bath they change my bed-sheet, adorned me with clean hospital gown.

Not long after that the ward head nurse came to my room greeted me “Darling… how are you today?…. morning… morning… What do you want for breakfast?”.

I replied “ Good morning dear, you mean I can eat today?  Can I have a cup of fruit juice?  I still don’t have appetite to eat.  As they do not cater for ala-carte my negotiation menu for breakfast settled for 2 pieces of bread, hard-boiled egg and milo.  However she need to conform to my special request of milo ice.  That half cup of milo ice was the nicest drink that I ever had.  She purposely made that for me.  I did not have the strength even to hold the cup then, she let me sip the drink from a straw while she hold the cup.  She pestered me to eat.  I forced in ½ piece of white bread.

About 11 am Professor Kwan walked into my room,  greeted me and the 1st thing he did was to look at the morphine dispatcher. I asked is my surgery as per schedule? He replied “yes as per planned 3 hrs and surprisingly we can achieve and unexpected projected correction to your spine. You are more straighter now than we are expected.  You are now with 16 screws and 2 rods… much lesser screws as we expected”.  I then asked him what is my curve now but I was being advice that is not important.   He then commented “waaah your pain tolerance level is so high, you only did 2 press…. If too painful… press use it…they are for you to use”.  He then use his stethoscope to check my lungs while the nurse is working on to remove the female urinary catheter. I have being forewarn that this is a bit painful..Aaaaagrh this is PAINFUL.  He console me“ok… ok… the tube is out now”.  I then being informed that the 1st normal pee will be painful.  I was then ask to rolled  to my left side to allowed him to check my incision. He peel out the off-site bandage and while he was changing it said “good all dried up, very nice and beautifully sealed”    I reply… “Is it but I cannot see woooh…” 

He then pestered me to do the 1sttime sit up after the surgery.  I told me I not that feather light I am scared to fall.  He then instruct me to do proper get up from bed posture, placed my legs forward about to touch the ground placed my right hand on his shoulder for support and he will help me.   Within second Voillla I can sit up.  I was instructed to move my ankle to allow blood flow.

He then walk behind apologize before untie my hospital gown to review my back in order for him to took photos on how I look now.  He then showed to me how my back before the ops and current.  Waaah I am totally transform.  He keep asking me whether I am giddy 1sttine sit up after a long time lying on bed.  I know he is about to help me to stand on my feet attempt to walk me for the 1st time after the ops.  I said I am ok but he saw my face change cause I am about to vomit.  He quickly lie me down, place a piece of plastic near my mouth and told me to vomit it out.. Out it came the milo ….the white bread and then more milo…  I said sorry… sorry I mess up the bed.. Did I vomit unto you? I did not mean that I am very sorry…

He replied it is ok… 1st time sit up normally the patient will vomit.  He told me that the nurse will assist me later cause the urinary catheter has being removed and I need to walk to the toilet.

My heart drop as he walk out from my room cause I did not successfully attempt to stand nor sat on the chair as I know I should be doing today. The nurses are busy again to change my bed-sheet and my hospital gown.

After many hours passed as my giddiness has much settled down, I ask the nurse to assist me to stand up and I did my 1st walk to the toilet.   OOOOi… I feel myself unstable maybe I need time to adjust cause my spine is more straighter now.  The bathroom sink is much lower compare to the previous day.  I carefully sit on the toilet bowl and request the nurse to standby just in case.  AAARRRGGGGh why so painful this 1st pee after the female urinary catheter removal?

I spend most of the day sleeping today. For lunch I order porridge with vegetables and mixed fruit.  I had my lunch on my hospital bed today.  I only managed to sip in 2 teaspoon of porridge and 1 tablespoon of papaya.  Nurses walk into my room to check on me every 2 hourly today.  Today I spend my day not knowing what is the actual time for the day and a few more round of vomit.   Off and on the nurses will come to take my body temperature, check my blood pressure, refill my cup with water, change the saline drip and dispatch medicine of antibiotic, pain killer and panadol and comeback with the vomit bowl for me as per my request. 

The food caterer assistant walked into my room to take my order for dinner.  I told her that I eat my leftover porridge no need the trouble to heat up.. not to waste food.  It is ok for me.  But Alas she clean up while I took my nap.  Upon my request the nurse did a VIP service help me t o order porridge with vegetables again for dinner. 

Dinner came but yet I still have no appetite to eat and not because of the medicine that required food before them, I would refuse food again.  My brother turn up during the evening visiting hours to video a few session of his sister sick and weak look to share to our parent.  The days slowing pas-by and I continue my sleep to clear out the dizziness.

Minta maaf/apologize cause you may think that I share out obscene photo. I only have in mind to share for medical purpose. Many people got scared/chicken out when the surgeon recommend for spinal surgery.  I had a severe thoracic curve of 60 degree and it is about to damage my lungs and heart.  I opt for surgery with the objective to stop/correct the curve in order to prevent any foreseen future health hazard. 


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loco Charlie said...

I have enjoyed your bird photos. I'm inspired to go to Fraser's Hill now. I hope that you will mend well in a timely fashion. I am sure that you are eager to return to your passion of shooting wild birds (with a camera). Kind regards, Charles

Wong Chor Mun said...

Thank you Charles,
BTW Fraser's Hill has change a lot, there are no longer public bus plying to that destination. In order for you to reach that place, you need to hire a car. Yes indeed Fraser's Hill is a very nice and cozy place for birding.
In the meantime during this recovery period I need to abstain from birding for awhile.
Hope you enjoy my country and the colorful montane birds at Fraser's Hill.