Thursday, July 16, 2015

Looking for volunteer for Communities Work at Kg Peta Endau Rompin , Johor

Dear friends,

Somehow of unknown reason I inherited bad DNA that cause me to have abnormal curve of the spine (Scoliosis). Abnormal curve of the spine if you guys could not comprehend, well it is quite similar appearance of the character Quasimodo in the Hunchback of Notre-Dame by Hugo Victor.
Quansimodo is regarded as monster by his towns people.

Well people who have scoliosis over the years with the spine curve progress it will pulls and get the rib cages bones deformed. So we get one side of of our back jutted out. We move around on earth with imbalance posture and we developed back-ache, sore back and also have internal organs compress due to the curve. No chairs on earth can makes us comfortable due to our awkward back. Scoliosis will leads us to have premature early death if we did not seek medical help on time.

People with scoliosis battled with health issue and physiology problem too . We know that we have weird look no matter how pretty, handsome and sweet look we have. In our journey of life some unkind folks give us nicknamed “crocked...senget.. monster.. turtle, tortoise..ET “

I also like many Scoliosis sufferer of girls and boys out there who is having Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis. I am definite a Scolio when I about 11+yrs old . Years and years has pass, like many I grown up in a families have no knowledge of and what is the effect of Scoliosis.

Over the years and decades has passed initially I thought that I have miss my boat thinking that spine medical help is only meant for a young teenager and not for the person who is already in a full grown mature age adult. After a big round in life journey somehow I got medical help and with today advanced spine medical technology from a C curve of 64 degree I was being corrected to 25 degree.

Life was so wonderful after that. No doubt I could not achieve 0 cobb degree and have a nice straight spine x-ray even have my spine installed with 16 titanium screws and 2 rods. However I have no regret cause I have a better posture now and soreness on my right pelvic bones that I used to have for so many years is no longer there.

In this journey of life I have gone through a lot with scoliosis.. Many people in our country still have no knowledge about this abnormal curvature of the spine. Many people out there is suffering in silence, do not know what to do.

My profession is not of medical background but me having scoliosis for so many years have taste the bitterness of it, I wish not others go through what I have been though... I keep talking about spine health and scoliosis awareness to people.

Me and a Scoliosis soldier have this spine health and scoliosis awareness day event on 15th Aug - 16th Aug at Kg Peta Endau Rompin Johor for the orang asli of the Jakun tribe. Why go this place ? Yes it is far as I need use 14th Aug as the traveling day.

This is “the neglected” people where this kampung is about 2 hrs drive from the main road. In year 2008 I was there for my bird-watching holiday trip, I scout around at their convenience shop, I discovered that I am really having luxurious lifestyle. This people here gets to purchase sprouted potatoes , red onions , one brand of instant noodles and many lacks compare of what we have as city folks. There is no TV, no newspaper .. I am going to takes my annual leave to get out from office to do this communities work. No one pay me any commission for doing so. Me and this Scoliosis Soldier doing this out from out big heart to educate people about spine health and do scoliosis screening.

There are about 80 children with their parents and guardians will turn up . I am looking for people who is willing to volunteer themselves for this communities work.

I have prepared small soft toys for young kids but boys being boys. Soft toys is too sissy for them.
I really welcome if any of you want to donate out toys for boys . Out of the 80 children maybe 50 are boys.

Write me an email  address to if you want to do communities work with me or you want to sponsor something for this group of people that lives in Kg Peta, Endau Rompin Johor

Chor Mun Wong