Monday, June 15, 2015

My cartoon on Scoliosis..

Simple DIY you can do at home to check whether your child or loves one have "weird back" (SCOLIOSIS)

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Please Help my friend Leonard Chua Tze Yeu

Please read his plea at
This is real! This is not a hoax nor spam. How many of you can use your remaining days of your lives to help others?
Whatever Leonard Chua Tze Yeu do, my hat's off to him. He used to gives motivational talks, hold events to support Beyond Rehab Wellness Center

@93 Jalan Kristal 1,
Taman Limbongan Indah,
75200 Malacca, Malaysia.
Last year on 6th of Aug 2014 he had a stroke as his speech is affected, he is no longer able to do motivational talks. However he believes that this is only temporal for a year as he is working very hard on his speech therapy now.
In the meantime he call a plea of USD 29,000 donation. This will enable him to maintain the Rehab Center during his recovery as
A) he really need this center to continue his physiotherapy.

b) The Permanent Disable and temporary Disable around Melaka can continue to come to this Rehab Center to work towards less dependency on others in their daily lives.

c) This place gives him the sense of purpose in life that he is still able to contribute to the society.

Please use this opportunities to stretch your monies. You do not need to be super duper rich to do charities. Your 1 or 10 dollar that probably can buy you a meal that last you the most for 3 hrs but when you do charities you are stretching it to value for monies.

Your contributions though is small it is highly appreciated.

This is what he use to do..