Thursday, September 6, 2007

I want to see that cuckoo....

19/8/2007 - Hutan Lipur Sg Perdik, Ulu Langat

The night before received an SMS from Banard (we fondly refer as Uncle B). "Susan I'll be at Perdik 2morrow with XXXXX, would you be there?" I replied I be there on my own no matter what cause I want to see that Cuckoo...

Uncle Banard... reply ''' Huh... for once I thought Cuckoo is a person you refer to..."

As I looked back, It must be one of my lucky day cause I seems to able to photographs alot of birds pix in one field trips and have lifer as well. Just a little while I arrived, station myself near the bamboo clumps, a male Pin-tailed Parrotfinch Erythrura prasina prasina came to the same spots where I first spotted it on 9/8/2007. Wooh.. Wah. me and my usual few birding friends was having busy times to focus it and keeps trigger our camera shutter to our hearts contents as long this individual bird pose for us.

I keeps analyse the picture below, I yet to comprehend why it's pin-tailed was so short. It is only one male bird that appear for us today.

While waiting for the Pin-Tailed Parrotfinch, I suddenly notice a big bird fly in and perched inside the forest. I used my binoculars to scan it.. OOOH my!..... the Banded Kingfished.. !! the Banded Kingfisher the female.. There.. there Banard.. there... there !.

After admiring quite alot of pictures taken by some friends finaly I managed to clock my lifer the Banded Kingfisher WAh... As usual I was jumping with excitement even I just got a glimpse of a lifer. This individual female Banded Kingfisher only enable us to scan through with our binoculars only..

On 23/8/2007 I received the male and female Banded Kingfisher that was photograph by Kam Su at one patch of forest in malaysia. I now wish to archive the female bird in my blog here to commemorate that indeed on this very day I clock this lifer.

Cuckoo... Cukooo... Ah Cuckooo... there... There .. There !!! I want to go there to takes it's photos...

The male lesser cuckooshrike Coracina fimbriata neglecta

He caught a stick insect.

How he process his food ? Well I notice it just about the same with the others birds, they would hit it left, right, center on a hard surface.

The female lesser cuckooshrike Coracina fimbriata neglecta

Later we notice two Lesser Cuckooshrike perched at this fruiting trees. Notice that it was a feeding scene.. It happen too quick therefore we just observed them only. Friends debate Cuckooshrike do not do courtship feeding.. It must be the feeding of the juvenile bird. I looks through my picture again and again, seems to notice that this individual have no field marking that it is a juvenile.

Besides stick insect, it also feeds on this fruits.

For this sub-adult blue flycatcher, I opt it for sub-adult pale blue.

Another view of the flycatcher. This is one of the moments it cleans it's bill. It wipe it against that branches.

AAAh another cuckoo.. Violet Cuckoo... Violet Cuckoo.. there .. there.. There!!!
Violet Cuckoo Chrysococcyx xanthorhynchus

Hei another Cuckoo... Well I opt this for the Sub-Adult of the Violet Cuckoo. This individual fly in at first perched at the same fruiting tree with the Lesser Cuckoo Shrike..
One of our birding mates commented ... "oooi a new one came in... why so silly concentrate on the Lesser Cuckooshrike..!!!

This individual then fly further in , I try to capture it.. AAh.. boleh lah...

Black-and-Yellow Broadbill Eurylaimus ochromalus

Black and Yellow Broadbill female and Juvenile perched side by side. This was pointed out by Kam Su. He as usual have to wait for clean perched, bird must be near to fills the frame of his 500mm + tele lens. I started to appreciate birds with bino, therefore I just aim and trigger my shutter and hopes that my canon 400mm + 400D would captures some memorable pictures for me.

The female mother bird flew off, left with juvy...

AAAAh juvy stay there please for a little while... Pose for me please just a few more second please.. Thank you... Bye .. Bye juvy... Be strong and grow fast...