Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Free Spine Screening for Scoliosis - 24th April 2016.....

ON 24th April 2016 @ 10am - 4pm

In conjunction with the Community Project of Blood Donation held at St Gabriel Church at
Jalan Intan, Salak Selatan, 57100 Kuala Lumpur, Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, I will be there to bring Scoliosis Awareness.

They also giving me a 1 hr slot to share on what is SCOLIOSIS and spine care. There are at least 200,000 Malaysian suffer in silent and living in denial stage on this. FYI I am a walking testimony of what scoliosis can affect a person.

Come meet me in real person on 24th April 2016.

Reports from the event
First of all I want to thank the organizing committee  to allow me to slit in Spine care and scoliosis screening in their blood donation campaign.

Initially I was perplexed on how to handle back screening, explaining what is the next course of action to take to the parent of  a suspected scoliosis kid. Very timely GOD send me two wonderful assistance,  Janette Low and Mr Low (her father).  Mr Low came very handy as he can share his real life experience to the parent of a suspected scoliosis kid of how he and his wife feel and cope when they discovered that Janette has scoliosis.

I also want to gives a good thumbs up for Janette cause even though her eyes was not train to have eagles eyes (bird watching eyes) like me.  She is good and she really help a lot to eliminate erroneous.  She confirmed my  findings of "...oooh this one her right shoulder tilted ... OOoh this one the body posture is towards to the right.." .  Both father and daughter helps also in arranging, putting up  my teaching materials  for the talk.

This was my first time giving spine care and scoliosis awareness talk using my mother tongue (Cantonese).   To prepare myself for some terms and words I use google translations one day before hand to find some of the words that I anticipate I would be using it in my talk.  Of course I pray that GOD would use me as his tools effectively.

The feedback was information was disseminate properly.  I managed to did a good job.

We managed to identified 3 suspect to have scoliosis that need a spine specialist  attention.  This figures do not take into consideration those grown up adults that have mild scoliosis cause  by degenerative.

So catch the curve while it is still small. Early diagnosis is important to gives you more rooms for treatment.  NOT all scoliosis curve are for surgery.  Only the severe curve but it is best to get your abnormal curve being monitor by a spine specialist. He/she will keep you inform  and guide you the next course of action.  When.. What .. 

In the meantime for those who are having growing up children, you can do this DIY check every 3 months on your kids.  Only upon suspect of scoliosis then only seek consultation from a spine specialist..  Remember spine specialist  is the sub-set the niche group from the orthopedician .

 Where to find the spine specialist read this guidelines that I share in  10 tips to choose your spine doctors
A simple guidelines is this spine doctor must have a least handle 50 spine ops in a year.  This 50 cases includes deformities (scoliosis), trauma,  fracture, tumor, degenerative.