Wednesday, March 26, 2014

5th Week post Ops - Posterior spinal fusion for scoliosis

Notes :-  This blog was initially meant to share my birding field trips reports. Ever since I started to use Facebook I  have not post any updates since then.  This series of posting on Scoliosis is my personal experience.  I had Posterior Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis on 17/2/2014. 

I hope my sharing will serve as an encouragement to those who have spinal deformities like me.  For those who  have Scoliosis, spinal disc herniation, spinal disc degeneration, spondylosis, kyphoysis, do not be afraid/avoid when the  spine doctor recommend  the solution is surgery.  There is hope for you in today modern medical technology.  Please do not endure the pain in silence.

On 21.2.2014 
I discharge from the hospital with my personal belongings and painkillers (panadol), anti-inflammation pills, 1 box of iron supplementary pills, anti-itchiness pills (5 tablets).

I also hold this disposal container just in case I throw out during the car ride. Today I get out from the hospital on wheel chair.  No doubt the spinal operation did not damage any functions of my limbs and brain but I am too weak to walk for long distance.  I feel so helpless today.  I can’t lift up my backpack and my others belongings to walk out from the hospital.  Even get into the vehicle also I need assistance.  The 30 mins car journeys seems to be like eternity to me cause I am in pain and discomfort.

Before my next doctor appointment I need to be very careful.  Even though the op-site bandage is water resistance, I need to make sure that it is not wet/damage.  I also need to remember to eat the medicine as per instructed eg omit this if this symptoms does not happen… eat this 1 tablet after meal for 3 times per day… eat this 1 tablet per day…

On 27.2.2014
initially was my second clinical appointment for getting advice for surgery is it a must turn out to be my op-site bandage removal date.  The surgeon is very pleased on my progress.   My next clinical appointment is 2 months from now.

On 24.3.2014 
Today I am passing through my 5th week post posterior spinal fusion surgery for scoliosis.  In my initial recovery period I spend most of days on bed-rest.  As the days past I am able to sit up longer compare to the previous day.  My shoulder region soreness is lesser as the days past.  Sometimes I have a few second of tingling sensation on my leg, on my certain parts of my limbs. I will keep monitor this and inform my surgeon on my next appointment,

My days of recovery period are very frustrating sometimes, chores that I used to be able to do eg handle my own laundry, cooking, lifting up things all these I need to abstain from. Temporary I am forbid to lift up anything more than 3kg.  I have to be very careful each steps my feet launch out.  I cannot fall/slip.  I am forbidden to bend therefore wearing my pants/panties are indeed a great challenge. 

Nevertheless the things I enjoy are I can spend time watching a few series of Korean medical soap drama, read books in between,sleeping, keep tab on MH370 . stay active in FB and read articles to learn new things  from the internet.

During my stay in the hospital, the nurse told me that the Surgeon and his team have done their part to correct the curve of my spine. It is my duties then to take care of their handiwork.  

For those who have good spine please take good care of it. For my case being a scoliosis patient regardless the series of pain and $$$ spend this is what I can achieve.

To build strong muscles to hold my new spine I need protein.  To avoid hearing my surgeon break the news that my spine did not fuss as expected I have included calcium supplementary pills.  Got to know that daily we need  1,,200 mg calcium.  Our body will have Calcium poisonous if we overdose it to 2,500 mg.

Cheese and milk most ladies would try to avoid for upkeep a slim figure but it has calcium that is needed for our bones.  A cup of full cream milk only can provide 330 mg calcium, a slice of hi calcium Kraf cheese provide 240 mg calcium.  Calcium supplementary pills are expensive therefore it is still worth to drink milk and consume cheese if you opt for calcium intake through your natural food.

For the time being the only exercise that I can do is brisk walking.  Despite haze or good day I would do brisk walking for about 10 – 15 mins everyday.

In the mean time I hope everything progress well as what my surgeon expected me to achieve.

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