Wednesday, March 26, 2014

20/2/2014 - My presence in the hospital is a blessing to others.

Notes :-  This blog was initially meant to share my birding field trips reports. Ever since I started to use Facebook I  have not post any updates since then.  This series of posting on Scoliosis is my personal experience.  I had Posterior Spinal Fusion for Scoliosis on 17/2/2014. 

I hope my sharing will serve as an encouragement to those who have spinal deformities like me.  For those who  have Scoliosis, spinal disc herniation, spinal disc degeneration, spondylosis, kyphoysis, do not be afraid/avoid when the  spine doctor recommend  the solution is surgery.  There is hope for you in today modern medical technology.  Please do not endure the pain in silence.

20/2/2014 - I am 3.5 cm taller after the Operation.

Since I developed no fever, blood pressure in a normal state after this major surgery, my surgeon has given the order to the nurses that they need to observe me only on a 4 hourly basis.   Without them frequently drop by I seems to be passing my day in great loneliness is also due to I am not a TV addict. TV seems be of no use to me. I wish that it can be replaced by laptop/ipad.

Medicine in the form of anti –nausea, oral pain killers,anti-inflammation and multivitamins was dispatched to timely by the nurses.  I just pop in whatever that was in that small medicine cup.  Today I started the day with a bit of dizziness. Throwing out once before the two nurses came in with my new sets of hospital gown and bed-sheets.

My breakfast was home-cooked plain porridge cooked by my younger brother.  I remember the advice from the surgeon “…eat in small portions but in many times..” . I need to eat more ...I need to finish it.   Prof Kwan drop by during his ward round greeted me  “你 好 ?”  … I replied “你 好 ?… Doc I did release out gas just as per your description and today I throw out once could it be due to the oxyco_ _  pill? … I still feel nausea. ”

After checking my lungs function with the stethoscope,flipped through the records of my body temperatures, blood pressure.  He scribble some notes on my medical file and proclaimed “ today you ready for discharge”….

I quickly replied “Doc… may I stay one more day?  My mum is not willing to accept me in this state… I still have the throw out feeling…”  He replied  “ I have no problem to let you stay as long as you wish but hospital is full of germs.  It would be troublesome if you get infections and contacted with virus.”

Huh…. No…NO … I don’t want infections and unknown virus for sure Doc. I will discharge tomorrow for sure.

Today I did more times of walking out from my hospital’s room.  This type of exercise is needful to strengthen my weak muscles.  Each time I walk pass the nurses counters I would said “Hello Dear… I am out again…I feel so boring …can I help....?”

Each time I reached to the “the hall of fame board”  (board that use to display patients photos with their notes to express how grateful/thankful to the hospital and surgeon on their spinal fusion for scoliosis successful surgery) , I look meticulously at each photo.  As I l did that I could feel how fortunate they are cause they are born in this modern medical technology.  I encounter some people on the streets who are also having the same Idiopathic scoliosis like me,  some are very badly deform but surgery option is no longer their option due to age factor.  Some young girls/boys did not managed to seek any medical help cause their parents are unaware that there is help after the pediatrician pronounced  "....your child has scoliosis ... there is no vitamins/pills to cure this..."  Some parents are still unaware that this horrifying surgery it is much more safer than they have ever thought of.  The most pitiful ones are those whom their parents could not afford such an expensive treatment. Those patients displayed on the hall of fame board are very fortunate to have parents who are willing to sacrifice their wealth to help them.

The admin executive who assists the surgeon on all the paper works drop by. She measured my current height after the operation.  Based on her estimation by putting three of her fingers within the gap, she pronounces you are taller by 3 cm.  In actual fact I am actually taller by 3.5 cm . Today I also start to chart my pain level in a form. This form will then need to hand back to the surgeon in my next clinical visit.  Level 0  is no pain , level 10 is pain that makes one cry.  There are different symbols to indicate where is the pain eg wound/neck/shoulder...etc...etc

My presence in the hospital beside seeking medical help for myself has also unintentionally given encouragement and assurance to the parents of a 14 yrs old girl who is schedule for scoliosis correction surgery the following day.  Their hearts was set at peace when they saw that I can walk and none of my limbs are affected by this horror word of spinal surgery.   I also assure a uncle whom his wife in her 60s warded due to her lumbar  spondylosis  problem.  She also will go through spinal surgery.  My presence has given them an assurance that their loves one who will be going for spinal surgery are in good hands.  I am the living example of the outcome of that horror major surgery.  I told them I sat up in less than 24 hrs after surgery.  I also able to take shower and wash my hair on my own after all the tubes detached from me.  I told them how slanted I was before the surgery and now I am much more straighter and taller by having  16 screws and two seven inches long titanium rods installed.  They are titanium they do not need to take out.   I will be discharge tomorrow.  


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