Friday, November 2, 2018

Never underestimates how strong and our bravery ...

We are connected because of Scoliosis. Is already 2 years when we first met. This photo was taken on 27/10/2018

I first met her in the ward during one of my those patient hospital visitation. She was only 10  years old then. She was admitted due to the needs to undergone hemivertebrae resection (scoliosis surgery) cause by her congenital scoliosis.  Even was just  only 10 years old  that time, she never shows any sign off anxiety eve she need to entered the OT room the next day.  In fact s
he walks around at the pediatric ward with the most cheerful, happy child looks.

I always remember this statement she told me with a big smile on her face..'Aunty saya tak takut'..  (Aunty I am not afraid).
She is very brave and Strong.  That particular statement of 'I am not afraid'  I believe  when her  mum  heard that from her 10 years old kid, she must be very impressed and could not believe her ears that it comes from her 10yrs old child.

We are both scoliosis warrior.
I have idiopathic scoliosis and she has congenital scoliosis. Due to our scoliosis are severe, we undergone scoliosis surgery. We both are grateful for today spine medical technologies.

The outcome of this scoliosis surgery.
We both are standing taller, our deformed posture are corrected. We are more healthier.
Undergone this spinal surgery, it does not pose any limitations in our lives.
We both still able to run marathon and scales mountain. Continue our life journey with 'full colors'.

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