Monday, December 24, 2018

4/11/2018 YES.. I safely arrived Sri Lanka the home of endemic

4/11/2018 @ 12:50am Bandaranaike International Airport Sri Lanka

I am doing solo back-packing birding holiday again. Ayubowan from the island country of Sri Lanka.

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Hallelujah 哈利路亚称赞主! This is my first time flying on Malindo Air. I safely arrived with OD185 Malindo air from KLIA. Malindo  sound very indonesia. Actually it is under the big umbrella parent company of Lion Air, however it is joint venture with a Malaysia company.  Malindo Air headquarters is in Petaling Jaya Selangor.  It is a premium airline company registered in Malaysia.

The recent Lion Air plane crashed into java sea shortly after departing from Jakarta on 29 October 2018 has set my heart very restless. For the past few days I keep google to read people reviews of Malindo Air.  How flight worthy are their planes?  It is up to the extend that I have nightmare of the scene that I was swimming and out of sudden I been suck down to the surface.  I was terrifying by this nightmares.  Am I ready to meet the Lord ?  Is my time on earth about to finish?
Anyway as usual I go holiday pack with the thought.
”The Lord went before me in a pillar of cloud and at night He send a pillar of fire.  This is so that I could travel by night and day”

This is how I rate Malindo Air and the reasons why I choose to fly with Malindo Air.

Malindo’s fare is slightly higher by Rm50 - Rm100 than AirAsia which is branded as Malaysia low cost carrier. Things that stand out for Malindo Air are it has in-flight entertainment, free meal, free 25kg check-in baggage allowance, no need the trouble of doing web check-in hunting for printer to do so. Most of all it has large room leg space for even economy seats. With larger room leg space will have lesser risk factor for deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.  Passenger are also give a pillow and in-flight blankets to keep warm for nights flights.  This are all the perks of Malindo Air. With that it is indeed good value for monies using Malindo Air.

*** I hope that I can slowly successfully transfer our my journal backpacking holiday at Sri Lanka that I did from 3/11/2018 - 20/11/2018

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