Saturday, March 3, 2018

Life and Beyond

It has been a while since I last drop lines in this blog.  Local birding field trips has drifted further and further since my scoliosis post ops until to nil.  It is not the reasons that I have lost interest in bird watching/nature photography. However, I still have 1 yearly overseas birding cum holiday trip. I will blog on that Back-packing Sri Lanka soon.

Priority shifted as I need to place more effort to strengthen my core back muscles.   This is so that I can continue to enjoy quality life and health. I wish that whatever remaining vertebrae below the spinal implant are not stress up.  I  swim at least 3 times a week since 4th post ops. Swimming is classified as non-contact sport and it is the safest sports. Swimming has lowest impact and little stress on bones and joints. Swimming also train our body's position upright and improves cardiopulmonary function besides helps to burns body fat and build some muscles.

NOT to SLIP And Fall - 

 This big statement is a big reminder from our loved one to those who are like me has undergone spinal surgery before. Well during initial recovery is very essential not to slip-and-fall. Accidentally slip-and-fall due to slippery surface,uneven pavement and also wrongly position of footstep on the edge of platform such as staircase and small bridge over a drain or stream do happen sometimes. On my 8th month post ops I accidentally place my foot wrongly on the small plank bridge and felt nearly to a very deep forest ditch. None of my friends dare to touched nor give me a hand cause I am label “fragile”. Thank God I am not hurt and to my surprise none of my muscles feel pain/hurt from that accident fall.

Times pass, my daily lives continue until July 2017, I had another accidentally slip-and-fall while I was walking over a chain with my high heels shoes. It was a hard knock on the concrete pavement. It was so painful, it bruised my left knee. It took me a while to fell lesser pain gather all my things, get up from the ground . It was my swimming schedule day. I am a very strong willed person so even with bruised, slightly open scar, I still continue to do swimming. I remember that very night, I couldn't sleep well cause the pain level is more than what I experienced during the early hours of my scoliosis spinal surgery post ops. Have I fracture my knee that was the thought keep traveling in my mind?

I went to consult my office clinic doctor once I reached office. I have a big long lectures while she do dressing my my knee. I was asked to observe a few days, pain should reduced. Unfortunately after a few days I still feel the pain still persist.

 To clear my mind, I request a referral letter to consult a knee specialist. The knee specialist order xray to be done. It was such a relief that he broke the news that it is only soft tissue injury and my bones are intact- no fracture.

Times pass again until to the 1st week of Jan 2018. On 1 particular morning I accidentally placed my foot wrongly on the edge of a drain bridge. It was very horrifying for me cause this drain is deep and I literately dropped my whole body into it. I screamed so loud with the thoughts of my spinal implant will it break and get loosen. But I just done my post ops clinical visit, full spinal xray was done last month... everything is intact but …
 but Now I felt into a drain.. Ooh no.. I don't want to end up a messy job for my spine doctors.
I calm myself down, gather all my things, stand up and get up from the drain. I am not in pain. To my surprise unlike those days that I never did any regular exercises just a simple slip-and-fall I will get a sudden intense pain. Then I have have prolong muscles pain, bruises in some part of the body.

I get back into the house to change my set of clothing and clean up to be ready for office. I msg my immediate superior that I will be late cause I had an minor accident.

Back into the office, my superior asked me how badly damage is my car from that accident. I replied it is not my car but is me I accidentally jatuh longkang. Everyone have a good laugh. Life as usual, I have no muscles pain and I still able to wear my high heels shoes.

It is most likely is my diligent swimming sessions and cobra superman exercise has build up my muscles to protect my bones therefore I have no problem even accidentally slip-and-fall into a drain.

This Xray was taken when I am about to touch 4yr post ops in next 2 months


Anonymous said...

I was suggested this blog by my cousin. I'm not sure whether this post
is written by him as no one else know such detailed about my trouble.
You're incredible! Thanks!

Susan Wong Chor Mun said...

Written by your cousin?
Hahahahah I should chop copyright
Article written by Wong Chor Mun