Saturday, June 10, 2017

I have forgotten what is tears after my scoliosis surgery in Year 2014 until this few days.


My family received 3 wreaths, however this two are very specials. In Funeral rituals flowers from wreath is then use to put inside the coffin. As I put flowers inside her coffin, this are the words i utter from the depth of my hearts..

Ah 妈...
我是楚敏 aarh. 我长大了,我知道照顾自己 lah..
look at this 黄色 flowers and 白菊花. There are very beautiful flowers aren't there?

You know there are from that two wreaths that was send to us by those spine doctors that I went for my scoliosis surgery. The one with 黄色 flowers that wreath is send to us is from my spine doctor - the 1st surgeon and his wife. Yes you always says you are in the 黄 family. It is so thoughtful of this doctor and his wife carefully chose the colour of the flowers, cause they know that my surname is 黄.

Ah 妈.. you need to always remember that this daughter of yours is no longer have crooked posture and deformed due to scoliosis. The spine doctor that send the wreath with 黄色 flowers and his team has corrected my spine..
I will take care of my new spine. I will obey all the instructions that given to me by my doctor cause I don't want to have crooked posture and looks deformed any more.

Yes I know in your heart you might just loves me a bit lesser than my siblings, However thank you for being my mother, brought me up under your care. I turned out to be a decent person. Do you know how hurt I am when I saw you growing weaker and weaker by weeks? My heart ache cause I really wanted to get good doctors in the hospital to help you managed your lungs disorder. Each time you refuse my help. But when the time you finally agree, I have to send you by ambulance.

你知道吗?Your funeral's big photo is actually I took about 5 years ago. I never expected that time when I took this photo that 5 years later It turn up to be use for sending you off. This photo is actually taken when we went KK for holiday. Every guests that turn up to pay respect to you said yes this photo is very nice and beautiful.. You looks beautiful Ah 妈.

You did told me before, after you left us, I need to continue my routine of my saturday evening to go back to the house to have dinner with my father. Yar ... you saw it with your own eyes before you left us that I do as per your advice.. In fact I cooked some dishes back as well. I will do my part to honor and take care of him. I will also bring him for holiday.

Ah 妈. I want to make you very proud off having me as your daughter.. I will continue to use my life to help people that GOD has put in my life path. I just wish those who has crooked posture and deformed due to scoliosis can also get their scoliosis under control like mine.

Your journey of life dealing with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder) that happen in front of my eyes, It will not let it go in vain as well. I will tried my best to let people know and aware what is COPD cause I watched it with my own eyes .

My heart is overflowing with gratitude for all the heartfelt condolences that friends and relatives had send. Your sincere condolences and financial support that you have rendered warmed our hearts.

For the few of you that have even take the trouble to pay your respects. It really means a lot to my family.
Specially to
Wong WaiKeng Wk, Wong Pui Yan, Wong Wai Hung, Wong Wai How's in laws family and Joanne Fui Lin siblings from the Yap family,
My father and my siblings are also overwhelmed off your time, emotionally support us and your loves extended to helps us during our time of bereavement.


Susan Wong Chor Mun said...

Cheryl has sent you a link to a blog:

I feel saddened to learn of your mother's demise. I wish to extend my deepest condolences to you and your family.

Susan Wong Chor Mun said...


Death is a natural cause for each life, however when it happen to someone is very close grief and pain will takes times to heal.