Thursday, July 14, 2016

After undergone Scoliosis surgery just wearing a RM5 dress I can still look good and pretty..


Hello friends,

I am from Malaysia. Look this me yesterday at office. 

I wore a shop closing down sales Japanese vintage fashion dress that I bought recently for just RM5. Do you think I look good on it? I could not wear such dress before.

I am 2+yrs scoliosis (curvature of the spine) surgery post ops. Before the surgery my spine curve is having the cobb degree of 64. My body was tilted to the right, my left torso get shorter and shorter. Not to mentioned back soreness, I also have mild short breath and my intestine trap with wind. My sleeping got deprive as my hands will turned blue and numb when I sleep on my left side.

In my 1st consultation surgery was indicated by my spine doctor. Yes I am also like many of you, I was scared and worry. Nevertheless I did not decline the scoliosis spinal fusion posterior surgery but instead I want the surgery to be done ASAP.

Looking back in fact I have no regret cause after the surgery I am more healthy, more joyful. There is hope and sunshine as I know that I no longer stepping nearer and nearer to the day where I would be disable.

My sincere advice to those who have severe curve and when surgery procedures is being indicated do not decline. Instead source for your best trusted, well experience spine surgeon. It is also important to have your scoliosis surgery done in a well equip hospital with certain tier of ISO certified Operating theater. It is very important also to find out the shortest operative hours for your case, fusion need to fuse to where. What brand and quality of implant will be install before you jump in for operation.

Correction can be achieve using today scoliosis surgery technology. From my experience scoliosis surgery is a life saving procedure. It is not all about pure cosmetic (I want to reduce my rib hump) but with today scoliosis surgery cosmetic tag along with it.

A well experience spine surgeon will fixed not only your curve but also your body balance of shoulder, neck, pelvic and median lines.

You need to aim for no error/ revision surgery, therefore takes good consideration of who is going to be your spine doctors.

Sincerely yours,

Chor Mun Wong


Anonymous said...

I feel touched by your journey in scoliosis and noted with interest that you had no time for physiotherapy.
From my personal experience, I wish to leave some comments on physiotherapy and bracing.

Scoliosis 20-40 degrees Recommendation: Physiotherapy and bracing
Follow up Orthopaedic / Spine Dr

These are exercises/methods designed to offset the effect of scoliosis. They may improve shape and look of the body. They may also improve your breathing.
However, there is little scientific evidence at present to show that physiotherapy alone is effective in stopping the curve from getting worse during growth.

Thus, this is really comforting information for those who cannot access or attend physiotherapy for some reasons and may have to do without it.

However you must still follow up with the orthopaedic/spine Dr to monitor the curve

Anonymous said...


Your curve will most likely become smaller as it is being held by the brace. When you stop wearing the brace, your scoliotic curve will return to it's original size. In some cases, the curve stays smaller after bracing treatment.
There are two major types of braces: Rigid {plastic} braces and Soft Elastic (dynamic} braces.

Braces have to be worn for a long period of time to be effective. The most common daytime braces are worn 16- 23 hours each day.
There are some cases however, the curve continue to grow larger even though a brace is worn.

A curve that has progressed beyond 40 degrees ( a 45 degree curve ) need surgical intervention. You must see the orthopaedic/ spinal surgeon directly.
This is for proper measurement of the curve and surgery. Surgery - a spinal fusion - is the only thing that will straighten out the spine, but it will not make it completely straight.
You can surf the UMSC website to checkout the look of the curve.