Monday, June 27, 2016

Having Scoliosis you are not ALONE..

Dear all,

Throughout the month of June is national scoliosis 
awareness month.  If your child is having scoliosis, watch this youtube clips together with him/her.

Remind your child that he/she having scoliosis is not alone. There are indeed many out there are having scoliosis too.
Sssssh do you know this ?
"King Richard III who ruled England in 1843 - 1845, shakespeare called him as hunchback.  So scoliosis is not a new condition..

A virtual hug from me. cause I also having scoliosis too.

     "What does not kills you will makes you stronger!..."

Dear scolio girls, boys, sister, brother, uncles and aunties that newly diagnosed to have scoliosis, that are bracing now, that has undergone scoliosis surgery and those who are yet to have scoliosis surgery.

Let curl fingers with me, we do pinky promise that despite everything we'll continue to fight against you Scoliosis!
We shall not let you destroy us and control us but we shall put you Scoliosis in control.

Chor Mun Wong..

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Anonymous said...


Please note that surgery is the recommended treatment.

If your curve is greater than 45-50 degrees, it is very likely to get worse. Surgery is indicated. You should see a spine/scoliosis surgeon directly for an opinion.

Surgery - a spinal fusion is very successful in stopping the curve from growing. The surgery will also straighten the curve significantly. [can achieve 50-75% reduction]. This improves the person's appearance.

Most patients recover from the surgery with curves that has been straightened to less than 25 degrees. In many cases these small curves are hardly visible. Isn't this just neat?