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Birding Hotspot at Langkawi Island - Part 6

Birding at harvested ricefield

Kampung Bohor Chantik
We coincidentally took the wrong turn at the most confusing road (elevated bridge with 2 "U" turn underneath the bridge) in front of Perdana Beach Resort we ended up at a harvested rice fields at Kampung Bohor Chantik Mukim, Padang Matsirat. Kg Bohor Chantik is geographically in front of Perdana Beach Resort but to land yourself there by car the road there is indeed confusing.

This spot is the most promising place to look out for Plain Backed Sparrow one of the specialties spp of Langkawi. We spotted at least 150++ of Plain-Backed Sparrow in various stage of their life here. They just zoom in and out at those few bamboo clumps. During our visit in early November we are experiencing intermediate rain most of the days, therefore we are unable to takes photos of the Plain-Backed Sparrow.

Walk/Station yourself on the narrow rice field bunk here indeed test your tolerance as this narrow bunk is quite busy with vehicles due to it serve as the main access road to the villages at Kg Bohor Chantik.
I do wish that the bird who perched in this manner for me is the PLAIN-BACKED SPARROW.
There are a number of species of Egret congregate here. This would gives a good chance for a bird watching newbie to learn the great differenciate among the species.
Pond heron only can positively ID them only when they wear their breeding garment.
Here we spotted
Little Heron, Great Egret, Little Egre, Intermediate Egret, Cattle Egret,White Bellied Sea Eagle, Plain Backed Sparrow, Pond Heron, Pacific Swallow, Barn Swallow, Red Turttle Dove, Common Myna, Spotted Necked Dove,

Ricefield in front of Bon Ton
I noticed there is another big patch of rice field on the way to Pantai Cenang. This ricefields is situated in front of Bon Ton. During our vist the crops hers is yet to be harvested. therefore we just drive past.

Urban Mangrove Forest
Taman Sungei
This urban mangrove park adjacent to Kampung Bohor Chantik is with short a boardwalk and a watch tower.
Even though this is a common species it was indeed a welcome sight cause we enjoyed observing this family of Munia.

This young bird is practicing natural feeding.
Birds that are sighted/heard here
Little Heron, Common Koel, Pied Fantail, Scaly Breasted Munia, Black Naped Oriole, White Throated Kingfisher.

With this I end my sharing of birding spot at Langkawi. During my 1 week stay there I could concluded that birding at Langkawi is still the best in the morning. If you planned something to filled up your visit here there are a range of tourist spots to cater for general tourists that you could visit. Namely the
Galeria Perdana that display a wide range of gifts collection of our ex-prime minister Tun Sri Dr Mahathir Mohamad and his wife.
Underwater World Langkawi is the marine showcase that features marine life..

Langkawi wildlife park the aviary that closely resemble natural habitat.

Take a look of the Machincang range one of the 3 Geoparks in Malaysia via the Cable Car. This would give one the panaromic views of the surrounding rainforest, beautiful landscapes of mountain peaks, cliffs, waterfalls, small is islands, beaches. Latest attraction at Langkawi Cable Car is a 125m curve platform, pedestrian bridge across a deep chasm linking Top Station with Machincang mountain range. Open to public on 27th February 2005. It won a few recognition awards for this incredible design. However this pedestrian bridge is only accessible by the public during the days there is no strong wind.

The other 2 Geoparks are Kilim Karst Geoforest park and Dayang Bunting Marble Geoforest Park. Pulau Dayang Bunting is about the legend of a fairy princes married to a earthly prince. Her first child died, she burried her death child in that crystal clear waters of that lake. She also blessed the water so that whoever barren maiden bath in that lake would able to conceive.

One of the geological marvel site- the Telaga Tujuh named after a cascading waters of seven natural pools.

Kampung Buku the only book village in South east Asia that stock up great variety of books, new and second hand.

Laman Padi for agro-tourism. It has rice museum that display the history, herritage and developement of rice in our country.

Besides the Pulau Dayang Bunting some Legendary site also worth to pay a visit such as Makam Mahsuri (Mahsuri's Accient Grave), Beras Terbakar (field of burn rice).

Many rows of shops that sell duty free good are line up at Kuah Town for you to slowly browse through. Liquor, alcoholic drinks, chocolates crockery pots are much cheaper in Langkawi due to tax free. Do note that each person are only allowed to check out from langkawi with only 1 liter of alcoholic drinks and 1 cartoon of cigarettes.

There are alot of restaurants that serves malay, chinese, western and thai cuisine along Pantai Cenang that you can choose to dine. For Thai authentic food I would strongly recommend you to Haji Jalani Seafood that is few shops away from Orchid Ria restaurant. On the very last night dinner me and my birding friend for good lifers celebration we went to try dine with the beach atmosphere. To our surprise we have chosen the right place cause the food that serves at Haji Jalani is really authentic thai food that makes you think that you are in Thailand. The owner's wife is a Thai woman and all of their cooks are imported from Thailand.

Nature Guide
There are two reputable nature guiding companies that you can hire if you wish to have a hassle free nature appreciation trip.
1. Dev's Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd

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