Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Hutan Lipur Sg Perdik - 8/3/2008

8/3/2008 A Short Visit to one of my local patch

Hutan Lipur Sg Perdik should be about 40mins drive from my house at Tmn Bukit Emas, Balakong. This morning due it is our 12th Voting day of Malaysia, there seems to be a lot of heavy flow of cars along Jln Hulu Langat. This long scenic road seems to be very busy with cars and peoples as they head to their voting station. Today we can exercise our rights as an malaysian to vote for who would be majority ruling parties for the next 5 years. As I intend to only drop into my voting station at Tmn Muda, Cheras in the afternoon, therefore I takes this opportunities to visit Hutan Lipur Perdik. I know that today I would be all alone with the birds cause everyone would be busy with "Pilihanraya". I noticed I seems to follow a white kancil with the blue logo of our Police from one part of the journey. I have in mind surely this car would turn off somewhere.. but I seems to follow it all the way even up to my destination. As I parked my car I was greeted by this police in uniform. We exchange some greetings and I told him that I'm having my bird-watching session here all alone today. He told me that he is the officer in charge of this area and Hutan Lipur Perdik is one of his coverage areas. As we carried out the conversation he seems to know some of our the low-land forest birds. I also told him that this place I used to frequent cause it is quite near to my house. He gave me his contact no - 012-2526930, he told me that if in any trouble I can contact him. His name is Haaini.
The 1st bird that I saw was a Maroon-Breasted Philentoma perched very high. The sound of a woodpeckers knocking on a hole keeps echo in the forest, it seems to very near to where I stand. I keeps search from where the sound originate from. OOK.. way up on this particular tree where I stand I saw two Crimson -Winged Woodpecker. The one with submoustachial stripe (Male) keeps hitting very hard on the tree bark, the female bird just hang very near to him. That was 10am that I noticed them. Their position is somewhat like what Uncle Kong found them
The Male bird keeps knocking his beak occasionally it would calls. Have you wonder how long he is being doing this.? I was shocked at 11am he still knocking on the same hole.. At 12 noon he is still knocking. After 10:30am I seems not to notice the female bird but he keeps continue it's job ritually. At 11:58 he is still working on the same hole, then I realised that at about 12noon, he seems to takes it's flight inside the forest.. At 12:15 he is back on his job and he keeps knocking on the same hole. I left this place at about 1:15pm he is still very knocking on the same hole.. Well woodpecker their brain have a special cushion absorber to protect them to have head-ache.
With the Mr Crimson-Winged accompany me. I keeps walk up and down, hopes to have in mind to be able to see a Green Broadbill and any good quality birds. The Black-Headed Bulbul came in I just raise my binoculars and have a few glimpse on them. As I about to walked back into the forest I saw a red small figure perched... AAAARhhh.. that is what I been waiting for, the last time I saw 2 of this small dwarf size kingfisher at this place is at least 4 yrs ago. This Rufous Backed Kingfisher seems to be have chosen a very secure perched overlooking at the small stream below it. There is only a a very small angle that I can peep at it. Due to today I am the only human being around this bird seems to have a great confidence on me. I have a great wonderful time observing it..

I venture into the 1st bridge inside the forest bearing some hopeful thoughts that I can met up with the rufous-chested flycatcher, rufous piculet or some other good quality birds. As I stand near the wakaf I saw a very big brown bird fly in and perched.. without a pair of binoculars I'm having in mind that would be a sparrowhawk. This bird is in Sparrowhawk size and scan it with binoculars It have the features of a Cuckoo. I took a few insurance shots from where I stand. I try to approached the bird at a much nearer distance to have a better view but unfortunately this bird does not allow me to. As I'm more prone to look at bird thru my pair of binoculars first before taking it's photo, I do recall very vividly that this bird have a white ring arount it's colour and this bird does not permit me to look at it's frontal view therefore I could not determined how it is marking.. Looking at the jiz of the bird .. I have a feeling that this is a Large Hawk Cuckoo.

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