Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Green-backed elisae Narcissus Flycatchers

10/2/2008 Birding at my local patch - Taman Rimba Ampang

Today is the 4th day of our Chinese New Year. I have not been out to the field ever since I came back from my 10days birding at North Thailand. My skin needs to recuperate from all the wear and tear. My face re-act badly as being exposed to the single digit temperature at North Thailand.
Since I heard from one of my friend that someone had seen the Green-Backed Flycatcher at this local patch that I use to frequent. This morning I took out all my gears from my dry box and head to this place. When I start to mount my camera onto the tripod, only I realised that my tripod has a bit of damage from the mishandling of baggages.. Arrrrh... Aarrrh.. It can't mount my camera. :-( .. Decided that I would only use it as a support then, will hand it to my younger brother and hopes that he can help me to fix it later.
As I walked in I noticed this flycatcher but I seems to flash her away.... I continue to walk into the end of this park. Here I met up with George and his brother. It is good sometimes to met up with some friends during our birding trips. We exhange the latest sighting and catch up with each others. Here we stand for a while and we being greeted by an Asian Brown Flycatcher. As this bird is not really what I look out for, I just took a few glimpse and deep in my heart hopefully an Cuckoo would fly out.
As I walked out from the park, I noticed my target for day again. This is what I aim for this field trip. This individual bird seems to frequent back roughly the same spot but it is a very hard job to take some record shots of her cause my tripod is faulty. Anyhow I try to takes some pictures of this bird, cause Green Backed Flycatcher is something we hardy see. I also notice that this individual also dares to comes down on the road for a while.
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