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Kuala Selangor Nature Park

Kuala Selangor Nature Park – 10/8/2007

KSNP is in the state of Selangor, Malaysia, situated at the mouth of Selangor River. It was established in 1987 and since then it is being managed by MNS. Since then this park serves as a center for education on nature awareness and research. Kuala Selangor Nature Park, also know as Taman Alam, is haven for a wide variety of flora and various wildlife such as mudskippers, crabs besides birds. To find out more about Taman Alam click
Today Aun Tiah, Oon Teik and me, we show Mam KSNP. Mam one week birding holiday would covers low land forest (Merapoh, Perdik), secondary/parks (Hutan Lipur Ampang) , montane forest (fraser's hill) and mangrove (KSNP). It was hard for me to wake up this morning at 5am. We have a 8 course dinner with Mam the night before. At 10pm we are still feasting, have so much laughter at the dinner table with Mr & Mrs Foo, Oon Teik and wifey as well as Aun Tiah, Siew Ping , Mam and me. I only managed to crawl on my sweet bed past mid-nite. Even though this morning my body craves to catch up some sleeps but my brain is excited about birds. Secretly habours in my heart to met up a crakes.... maybe a ruddy breasted....
Just pass Leisure Mall my hand-phone rang.. Oon Teik ask where we are.. At 6:05am we manage to reached to Aun Tiah's hse , me, mam and Aun Tiah jumped into Oon teik marron Mercedes and off we head to Taman Alam. There are so much to catch up with each other along the journey. We stopped for breakfast at Ijok a small town.

A smooth journey we reached the Park at about 7:15am. Four of us habour with hopes that maybe can met up with the Barred-Eagle Owl. We walk slowly browsing through the trees at the small fragments of low-land forest nearby the chalets. The buzzing sound of the fierce mosquitoes is very iritating at this small stretch.
Aiyah that Barred Eagle Owl roost somewhere today, this is the statement we told mam...
As we are at the bird hide, suddenly I got an incoming SMS from uncle banard told me that he just saw a pin-tailed parrotfinch. Not long after that another incoming SMS from Jason.. his message "weee we saw the pin-tailed parrontfinch female and somemore phtographs it". I return a call to them OOOH what a joy...and happiness there.. and so much laughter echo from ulu langat. Three of them manage to takes some "award winning shots" of the female bird. We (me, mam, Aun Tiah and Oon Teik) could feel the happiness and joy being echo to us .. Aun tiah and Oon Teik even set next tues to catch up with the happening at the patch of forest there.
Even we sighted no Barred Eagle Owl neverthless we still have
Yellow vented bulbul (abundance), Ashy tailorbird, Oriental White Eye, Alot of Bhraminy Kites,
Grey Herons, Little Heron, Javan Myna, Golden Bellied Geygone, Peaceful Dove, Pink Necked Green Pigeon, Orange Breasted Green Pigeon, White Collared Kingfisher, Pacific swallow, Yellow Bellied Prinia
Pacific Swallow Hirundo tahitica javanica size 14cm

Coppersmith Barbet Megalaima haemacephala indica Size 15cm
We notice two of this bird was feeding at the fruits of this mangrove trees.

Scarlet Backed Flowerpecker (Male) Dicaeum cruentatum cruentatum Size 9cm

He is not having unmaned feathers but it was being blown by the breeze.

This is the star bird that decided to roost on a different tree during Mam visited the park this time. Well this would gives you all the reasons to comes back to Malaysia to look out for what others birds that you have not see before.

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