Thursday, September 24, 2015

Skoliosis... SCOLIOSIS... SCooooliosis... OOOh I am paranoid.!!

Some people are over panicky over “Scoliosis... Skoliosis.. SKOLIOSIS... SCOooooLIOSIS” . The child had no abnormal spine curve but due to the child is in growing stage yet the child is being send to the spine specialist. Some parents even insist o have x-ray. 

Some are in the opposite. Wish to keep ignoring spine surgery even their child is having abnormal severe curve. They rather do all sort of alternatives eg buy RM3K “special shoes”, corset, send for intensive chiropractor treatment, Tui Nah, chee kong, Accupunture, Ayurvedic, form prayer chain hopefully that the abnormal curve can disappear overnight and some even send to the bomoh. For this group do you want to wait to see your child battling with shortness of breath, pain around rib cage, backache, could not find the comfort position to sleep ,sit and only able to walk less than 10 steps? Have excruciating pain when leg put down to the ground. One Kidney need to remove or lung got puncture?

You are in dilemma now? Everyday you being feed with feedback from some people from the scoliosis forum that they regretted to have their spinal surgery years ago. Did you really dig into details? When they had their ops? Usually more than 10 years ago. Some even had tragic car accident that cause the implant fail. For those who had tragic car accident even the person is without any implant would also have high probability of being paralyze. Everyday things around us improve. Years ago, phones function is only SMS text msg and voice call. Do you think spine medical technology is stagnant and still stay backward ? We should not limit God . He is very creative. He do use the hands and minds of surgeons as HIS tools.

After spinal fusion, a few vertebrae is being fused and lock up as one bones. Dreams and vision need to be re-align after spinal fusion? NO. I took up spinal fusion about 18mth ago. From my experience I am still able to do what I enjoy after my restriction are lifted on the 6thmonths post ops. I still have steady hands to hold up my camera equipment that is without image stabilizer to capture birds on flight. I will share later with you all those Oriental Honey Buzzard photos that I took during March 2015 during their migration flight.

My fussed vertebrae of T3 – L2 have no complain of the recent 40KM plus per way of bumpy, rocky unpaved road that leads to Endau Rompin Kampung Peta.

In short  I have better quality life and health after spinal fusion to stop my Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis.  In fact I am now planning to witness Vulture migration at Australian Based Camp, Nepal later part of this year.

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