Saturday, January 17, 2015

Would I no longer able to do what I like to do "After Spinal Fusion" ?

Typically agree to have spinal surgery to resolve your spinal problem as suggested by your spine specialist is a difficult choice. Many still hesitate and consider is there any invasive methods. There are many who are out there would feed you with negative back surgery...would have more pain than before operation..activities that you use to do after surgery till forever you will never able to do anymore. …due to fusion mobility will reduce.. etc.. etc..

When I was about 8 – 10 yrs old I noticed from my lung x-ray that my spine is not straight. AIS (Adolescent Idiopathic Scoliosis) start to enter to my body then. The very mild curve then progress to moderate curve when I turn to adulthood.

As long as I could recall I have no severe pain. Never did break my bones or get it fracture. My scoliosis is destroying me slowly. Over the years unknowingly from moderate curve it slowly progress to severe curve. How on earth my shoulder is getting lower and lower over the years? Does the normal aging cause my left shoulder getting lower towards my waist line?

I am grateful that I exist in this era where spine surgery benefits is greater then the risk. The most important factor is my health is still in good condition to undertake this spine surgery.

On my 8th months ops I still able to hold up my DSLR camera mounted with long lens without tripod to take nature photograph.

Bees are fast moving , small object and most of all it does not allow you to go near. 

Prosumer camera, compact camera, phones camera, IPAD would not able to capture bees with details.  I am still able to do what I enjoy doing before. FYI my 400mm long lens that I use to take this photo are without image stabilizer.  This has prove that I still have steady hands.

Yes indeed I have landed in the operating theater having my back cut to installed the spinal implant yet I still could not produce a great straight spine x-ray. With today spinal surgery technology my severe scoliosis curve has corrected to mild  Most of all I no need to go through those daily discomfort soreness where I use to have before ops.

Be patient I still have many GB of CF cards that I harvested back from my 2 weeks overseas birding trip last year Oct 2014 that I need to go through.

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