Sunday, November 16, 2014

I am truly very grateful

My low self image on my deformities has being lifted. Yes indeed I'm being installed with spinal implant in Feb 2014. I need to carry my spinal implant ID now. 

Initially in my recovery period I find that even a ceramic cup and my pillow is exceptional heavy.. I could only sit for 10 mins when my Spine Doctor (Prof Kwan) expect me to achieve 1 hr. The 30 mins home ride on my hospital discharge day was a great torture to me..

Each day my recovery progress. Additional quality life keep adding into me. On my 8th month post ops (18th Oct 2014) I did a 16 hrs car journey for my vacation with no complain.

On the 20th of Oct 2014 I could not have a better words to describe how grateful I am cause I am able to trek up (20 mins) on a nicely paved staircase mountain trail .  I no longer pants like a dog like last year and a few years ago.

It was a total different feel standing taller than before on the same spot of last year holding up my gears to photograph migratory birds.

This is how bad was my posture before the ops
This is the new me on my 8th month post ops

I so grateful to the Almighty God ...
"The LOVE of GOD is greater far
Than tongue or pen can ever tell
It goes beyond the highest star
and reaches to the lowest hell
With a grateful heart
I just want to says Thank you God
For what YOU have done
YOU took my sickness and heal my pain"



Anonymous said...

Hi there. I have scoliosis too with 70 degree thoracic S. Currently im in 22 age. I was under Dr. Kwan too. How's your surgery ? Im going to perform the surgery next year March. Is that much improvement after the surgery ? How's your rib hump ? Still can be noticable ?

Wong Chor Mun said...

Thank you for visit my blog. Friends and colleague commented that I have a better posture now.
I had a big C curve of 64 degree before ops with unbalance shoulder. Now after ops I have a balance level shoulder. I have a smaller rib hump now. How is my surgery?
If you browse through my past posting you will have the answer.
Should you feel to drop me an email, by all means you can do so.

Ronnie said...

Hi Susan,

I think we met before at Perdik once (you are alone with your camera and tripod) as well as during a birding trip at Gunung Nuang with SBBG but at that time you look very well. From your post you certainly look fit and healthy to climb up 'Pencil Hill' again :-).

All the best to you !!
Ronnie Ooi

Ronnie said...

Hi Susan,

I think we have met at Perdik once (you are alone with your camera and a tripod) and during a birding trip at Gg Nuang with SBBG. You certainly look okay then as you are now. Hope you are now strong again to climb 'pencil hill' again :-)

All the best to you!!
Ronnie Ooi

Wong Chor Mun said...

Hi Ronnie,
Yes we have met a number of times. Those days Perdik and Nuang is my playground. could be in your eyes the birds are more attractive than this lady here.

Actually those days my posture was so bad. I am slanted more to the right. My sagittal and corona plane is out.
I am glad I exist in this modern medical century.

This is my 3rd year witness Raptors migration at Khao Dinsor (Pencil Hill). This year of my visit though I am only just 8th month post ops.. Unlike those years this year I am more fitter and I am more taller than before.