Sunday, October 17, 2010

Raptors watching in Chumphon from 16th October – 25th October 2010 (Part 2)

Raptor Watch Site - Khao Radar (radar hill)

This raptor watching site is about 70km away from Chumphon town. Vehicles can drive all the way up to the summit.
Not too far from radar hill there is a highway big rest place. Facilities of toilets, public phones and souvenirs shops are available. There are many local fruits and food stalls there as well . This particular stalls attracted me.

This is the scene during weekends in the peak raptor migratory month (Sept - October) at Radar Hill. DSLR Camera with long lens mounted on tripod are lining up on the ridge waiting to capture images of fly pass raptors. There are also many bird photographers who owned 300mm, 400mm, 200mm lens who prefer hand-held shots as well. The day we were there I notices people from the media also busy shooting documentary of these real life event of migratory raptors
Beside birds dragonfly is also on migratory.

Besides the main focus birds (raptors) we sighted Black-Naped Oriole, Silvered Backed Needletail, Barn Swallow, Pacific Swallow, Little Cormorrant.

Raptor Watch Site - Ban U-Tapao, Tha Yang

This is where they held the annual event of Raptor Watch festival at Chumphon.
Language barrier would not deter one to understand the signage of such and bird to lead one to the site during the Raptor Watch festival.

The needs of conservation start with awareness and education. This is Chukiat explaining to the children with great passion about the existing of raptors. Chumphon is a globally significant raptor site .. Why need to welcome the raptors.. why are they important to human .. what do they need in order for this raptor migratory phenomena continues from generation to generations.
Activities in such will keep the children interested.

The locals, friends from overseas such as Malaysia, Singapore, Filipines , school children participate for this event.
Cultural shows, life band are also one of the itinerary during the festival.
This event would not be complete without being officiated by the local government.
I’m really amazed of the hospitality being extended to all who attended the festival. Besides this hot coffee, mee , drinking water are being sponsor by a businessman and his uncle. Khop Khun Mar Kar.

This is being express out from the children.
We were observing a black kite on migratory.

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