Saturday, January 17, 2009

Birding at Kaeng Krachan National Park - 15/1/2009

Birding at Barn Krang Campsite day 1
This morning in order for us to catch up with the birds at Barn Krang campsite that are usually much more active in the few hours after the 1st light we start our journey from A & B resort at 5:30am (local time). It takes us 30 mins drive from A & B Resort.

We will head to the park gates where park entrance fees need to paid appropriately. Some part of the road are not tar. However the road conditions is not too bad, a normal saloon car/van can safely reach to Barn Krang.
We reached here at about 6am, we makes breakfast as the light condition is still insufficient to have a good look at the birds.

Just as what being expected birds start to be active hopping tree to tree as the 1st light break. Notice flocks of Blue-Winged Leafbird, Ashy Drongo, Woodpecker calls. However birding around the campsite is only possible during the days where the campsite is not flooded with campers.

There are also some nature trails around that one can explore.
Huh... huh.. this is something familiar.. elephant's dung.. You would notice alot of them as you trek up to the 3rd stream.

For this scene it reminds me ad Doi Inthanon - Rong Deng's place.

There are numbers of birds photos hang up at the food stall at Barn Krang's Campsite.

Simple meals can be order from here.
I was really amazed of the amount of nature appreciation being introduced to the teens here in thailand. This is the second occasion I saw such scene. I notice this group is about 100 peoples as they were having a briefing session by their facilitators as I trek down from the 3rd stream. Now they march out to try to look out for birds..
Here I start to share with you all some of the birds photos that I managed to took.

This sub-spp of Ashy Drongo is completely different from what we can find in Peninsular Malaysia here.
Hill Myna start to flock in on this bare tree.
Greater Flameback male and female also came by. I managed to photograph the male.
Banded Broadbill that Mam spotted.
I start to trek up to head to the 3rd stream as I notice that birds at the campsite are those I can find in Malaysia here.
As I walk up I noticed a ...tuck..tuck.. sound at the low shrub.. OOOh Dusky Warbler.. I remember I 1st got this as a lifer at KSNP just a few weeks ago.. That day it was just some small glimpse but here at Kaeng Krachan Dusky Warbler seems to be abundant.. Ok I take some photos of you guys later.
An Olive Backed Sunbird this sub-spp occurred also at the north of Peninsular Malaysia.
Stripe-Throated Bulbul where this individual came quite low to feed on this fruits.
I do recalled 4 individual - 2 pairs of Greater Flameback fly in and out just above my head for a while.

White-Rumped Shama came by as I was looking as some warbler.
A flock of Ashy Minivet.
AAARh... now I have a lifer.. Spangled Drongo..
A familiar calls nearby which lead me to look out for.. OOOH a flock of Sultan Tit.
Hahh.. I noticed a soft trogon call this is statement I told Kim. We have a small glimpse but due to I yet to tick this as lifer in Malaysia I trek back to the spot to wait for it in silence. Cannot imagine I have to come thus far to clock this as my lifer..

There is a fruiting tree near the stream, Asian Fairy Bluebird and Puff-Throated Bulbul share the same tree.

Red-Throated Flycatcher perched nearby the stream.
Huh... huh... what is the stretching ground sound.. could it be Pheasant... Partridges...??? Let me walk slowly to find out.. you Red Junglefowl. I start to notice this is a different sub-spp compare to what we have in Malaysia.
Dusky Warbler is also a seed eater.
I could not imagine that the bird life here is so good.. at 2pm+ (malaysian time) I still encounter birds.. this is something I would not encounter back in Malaysia.. I regretted that I forgotten to throw a few pack of biscuits into my pocket.. I need to trek back to the campsite to have lunch..

After lunch we head back to the jeep track.. I heard some soft.. crack..crack (sound from something walk on dry leaves)... Mam alerted us that she saw a glimpse of a ground bird.. Wow.. all of us trace out for the sound.. After a while we have a good look of these 3 birds.

Wooow.. we have a good look of this birds but we could not ID it at 1st... This seems to look like this and this and this... Ok never mind we saw a Partridge or a Quail anyway.. We will ID it later.

The whole team seems to be very satisfied that we just have a good sightings..

Now I have a good look of the Spangled Drongo.
A Drongo Cuckoo only allow me at this angle to see it.. But I have seen this back in Malaysia.
OOOPs my camera battery drain out just a day out in the field .. This is something I never encountered.


raymond said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I really enjoy reading and look thru your great photo ;-)

raymond said...

Thanks for sharing your experience. I really enjoy reading and look thru your great photo ;-)