Saturday, October 25, 2008

Endau Rompin National Park - Flora and Fauna

Flora and Fauna at Endau Rompin
This rainforest have a number of species of flora and fauna that are rare and endemic. New exotic varieties of orchids, herbs, plants with medicinal values can still be occasionaly be found here.

To find out more what are the endemic plants at endau click on the url link below.

Generally it would be very unwise to harvest some exotic plants out from this park eg Orchids to bring it back home. These plant that you harvest could only grow here as the nutrients for the plant may not be artificially produce. Every visitors are require to follow the rules and regulations of the Johor Parks Acts. Penalties would be impose on whoever who have violated it's rules.

Below are some of the plants that have attracted me during my visit.

For thousands of years, begonia plants have thrived in the shaded valleys of primary forests and crevices on limestone hills. "Half of them are critically endangered," warned Dr Ruth Kiew, author of Begonias of Peninsular Malaysia. To find out more read up

I not sure this plant falls into what categories this flowering plant attract me that moment when I first noticed it.
This plant falls into the Ginger Plant species.
This ginger plant was first noticed by my friend. I should have thank him for alerting me of this beautiful plant.
These photos are taken at dusk where lighting are diminishing by second to harvest a good photo. I could not use my prosumer camera for this. I stretch my tele-photo lens that I normally use for nature wildlife for these 2 photos.
I have seen this plant before. Yet to know it's name.
This is an intresting plant. It is a melastoma species. This is my first encounter of this species of melastoma. As per my observation Melastoma malabathricum that grows behind my house on that small patch of forest would attract Pink-Necked Green Pigeon, Olive-Backed Sunbird, Scarlet Backed Flowerpecker, Yellow Vented Bulbul and during migratory period it's branch is a good perched for the Brown Shrike who favour to look out for their prey.

To find out more on Melastoma malabathricum click on below url link

I do recall Dr Ruth Kiew feed me with this valuable infomation. She told me that one of the distinct ID mark of a Melastoma species is it's leaves have 3 major lines. To add on my friend told me that this species of Melastoma only grow at Endau.
Fungi is a very interesting subject to look at as well. Fungi draw their nutrition from decaying organic matter, living plants and even animals. Many play an important role in the natural cycle as decomposers and return nutrients to the soil, they are not all destructive. Fungi are even used for medical purposes. Certain wild fungi may looks very tempting ingredients for your meal but the nutritient it has drawn could be poisonous to human. For safer side only consume those cultivated fungi/mushroom.

This plant attracted me. I also notice this plant also can be found at Sg Perdik, Ulu Langat.
This fruits attracted a number of species of birds, eg the Bulbul, Brown Fulvetta, Leafbird

This fruits have drop to the ground.
I'm sure if you are a botanist a slow stroll at Endau you would have more discoveries than me.


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