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Hutan Lipur Sg Perdik - 19/5/2008

19/5/2008 - Hutan Lipur Sg Perdik

Today as I'm approaching to the entrance of this forest reserve, I notice a few cars and motorcycles park underneath the trees. These vehicles are not really familiar to me, cause this are not belongs to the owners of the "big bazookas" who occasionally would drop by. After I parked my car I notice that these groups of local men seems to be very engrossed in a discussion of "...peruntukan... kita mula..." (available funds... we will start...)

I quickly gobble up my 2 pieces of bread and mounted up my gears. I wonder what kind of meetings and what are they up to... buying a piece of land...what funds are they referring too. Anyway in the asian culture when men are in their serious discussion among themselves they would appreciate the female to stay aside. There are some are yet to accept the facts that female in this era most of us are educated , capable, intelligent and yet are as femine as before.

I walked to the spot where I last sighted the Rufous-Backed Kingfisher. I saw a few Plain Sunbird perched quite high up on the branches at their usual spot. No chances to capture their looks in my CF card. Therefore looking at then through my pair of binoculars do gives me the same satisfactions even though they are quite plain looking. While waiting for others spp or individual birds that comes by I notice 3 Blue Jay (butterfly) congregated at a patch of water nearby. I took a few snap shots of them, wish that they could change position perched on some green leaves and with minimize movements.

OOOPs wish came true this individual perched on this favourite trees of the flowerpeckers. The fruits of this tree are yet to ripe for the flowerpeckers.

OOps I wrongly ID this as the Common Bluebottle much earlier. Well I'm not the only one :-). It's Common name is Blue Jay a Graphium spp. The very much identical one that looks quite similar like the Blue Jay is the Common Jay.

Description : In Singapore, the Blue Jay is often confused with the Common Bluebottle (Graphium sarpedon luctatius) when in flight. There are other similar looking species in Malaysia, but the Blue Jay is the only one of the group which occurs on the main island of Singapore (the other species in the Graphium genus which was recently discovered on Pulau Ubin is the Common Jay (Graphium doson evemonides)).
It can be distinguished from the other species by its black costal bar on the underside of the hindwing, which is united with the dark basal band. It is a fast-flying species and is more often distinguishable only when it stops to rest, feed or puddle. The wings are black above with a pale bluish macular band. Both wings have a series of bluish submarginal spots.
Habitat & habits : The species flies very rapidly and erratically, and is fond of flying up and down open sunlit jungle paths. The bright blue upperside often shows itself as it flits quickly by an observer. The Blue Jay is a common butterfly in Singapore, and can be seen on most sunny days in the nature reserves. They are very fond of puddling on muddy dirt paths and stream banks.

Nevertheless I notice only a few Orange-bellied Flowerpeckers and no others spp. I wonder could it be the group of the local men keeps create a heavy traffic this morning. As I move in further I notice a big patch of empty space without vegetation that has been cleared, a small hut and quite a decent looking camping site has been carved out. Who created this ?? Could it be that man who use to ride a big motorcycle and he use to frequent that little hut beside this river ?? I trek inside to another part. I notice alot of the lower scrubs has been cleared. Hei.. what happen? Was this resulted from the lack of rain lately?

I trek out and station back myself to where the Plain-Sunbird, Purple Naped Sunbird, Little Spiderhunter use to frequent. There is one man who involved in that "mens serious discussion" with great curiosity ask me what is the purpose of my visit. I then found out he is the ketua kampung (village head). I told him that I notice alot of changes compare to my previous visit. I also told him that I lives quite nearby and I use to frequent this place for my bird-watching and nature photography. I use to come alone and there are a few local here are use to my present. I then find out that the newly elected local YB from the recent elections have allocated some funds to turn Hutan Lipur Sg Perdik Forest Reserve to Recreation Forest. This bunch of local folks spare their holiday weekend spending with their families to clear up the scrubs, carve out some camping grounds.. I told him that it would be nice that they do very minimum changes cause they could have accidentally clear up the favourite perched and food for some birds. They also could have destroyed some insects. After much discussion I could have wrongly press my car alarm, I excuse myself to check on my car. He went into the other patch of the forest then to catch up with the rest of the mens.

I walked back again and I notice a black looking bird. Soon I manged to spot it.. OOOh it is a Black and Red Broadbill. It catch a prey.

This is not a blurring photo of mine. Actually this Broadbill is in such a vigorously movements. It process it food by hit it's prey by swing it left and right on a hard surface. For this instance it use the branches for this purpose. After hit it a few times it would then swallow up the grasshopper.

Here it comes to a nearer perched after a satisfactory meal.. Wow!! wat a beauty..
Aaarh with a bird in this distance I can notice it has bristle and the patch of orange at it's wings.
I have a good satisfaction time observing this Broadbill. OOpps the group of mens are out now from the other patch of forest and some are armed with parang. They started to clear this part now.. OOOH no!!! there goes the scrubs.. AAArh.. they only leave behind the ginger plants.. chopped down the whole wild banana trees that the Little Spiderhunter use to frequent.. The trees of where I photograph the Common Blue Bottle are being chopped down branches by branches.. Deep in my heart says... OOOOH no there goes the food for the Orange-Bellied Flowerpecker, Orange Brested Flowerpecker... The Bulbuls who use to frequent here have lost their landing/resting place. I'm lost of words and I know very well that those words that I try to sinked into the Ketua Kampung is all in vain. They think that a female words is just airing our some rubbish ... OOOh no I cannot bear to see this I told myself it would be long I would visit this place again and wish their funds would vanish fast..

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