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13th of January 2008 - Chiangdao

13th of January 2008 at Chiangdao, North Thailand

Chiangdao is located just 77km north of Chiangmai in northern Thailand. From Chiangmai head to the direction of chiangdao cave. Normally this site is being visit by biders due to want to have a stop-over to break the journey between Doi Inthanon and Doi Angkhang. Doi Chiangdao is the 3rd highest mountain in Thailand with the peak 2,175m.

The National Park fees is only need to pay if want to head to Den Ya Kat Substation. The areas around Malee's Nature Lovers Bungalow to the Wat Tam Pa Plong can be can be accessed without any charges. Due to time constraints, me and my teammates have to makes the decision to skip Den Ya Kat. If you want to go to Den Ya Kat book the transportation from Malee, normally the jeep would pick up the customers at 5am and it takes 2 hrs bumpy ride to reach to the substation. This is a signboard that you would see as one takes a slow stroll from Malee's or Chiang Dao Nest to head to Wat Tam Pa Plong.
This is at the temple ground.

As you walk up the stairs that is somewhat like our batu caves that require some efforts in Wat Tham Phla Plong. Along the way there are many Buddhist teaching statement in green plague that you can read as you stop as you catch up with your breath. This is one of the example that reads.
"To harass others is to harass yourself,
To belittle others is to belittle yourself......

This is the place where the monk stay, it seems that this place one of the site where the Buddhist from all over the world would comes here for their meditations. As I climb the stairs I met up with some monks walked up or in their midst of their daily chores. I realised that being a monk they indeed have set their mind to have no interest at all in the outside world. They just have their mind walk with their head straight don't bother about the world. They do not even took a glace on me even thought I'm a female.
Birding here does not require any transport, therefore I told our drivers to take 1/2 day leave. It is only about 1km walk to the Wat Tam Pa Plong. As this is birding on a road therefore have to keep in mind to makes way if there is any car pass by. Vehicles who ply on this road are either heading to Malee's, Chiang Dao Nest or to Wat Tam Pa Plong.
There are only two guesthouse at this paart of chiangdoa that offers accommodation that you can choose from. Both are just a short walking distance to the Wat Pa Plong.

144/2 m.5 Chiangdao , Chiangmai 50170 Thailand
Mobile : 66-081-9618387 Tel/Fax : 66 (053) 456426 , 456508
maleenature@hotmail.com http://www.maleenature.com/

Chiangdao, Chiangmai, 50170, Thailand, Tel: (66) 053 455 339, Fax: (66) 053 455 931, Mobile: (66) 086 017 1985, Website: http://nest.chiangdao.com/, Email: nest@chiangdao.com

We put our nights at Malee. This is one of the Bungalow at Malee's Lovers Bungalow. This part of chiangdow that we birders would go is situated 5km outside of Chiang Dao town. Malee have a few bungalows here. Some are twin sharing with two beds, some with one queen bed, some are triple sharing, there is one family suite all this are with bathroom and toilet attached. Please do remind Mrs Malee to supply 2 separate blanket if you are not a married couple.. cause I overlook that some rooms are with queen size bed.. Haiyoh.. I put two men to share on a same bed sharing a comforter... Aiyak well can't see well as I only inspect it cleanliness but I overlook certain details due to we only check in at 9pm++. There is also rooms that are without bathroom and toilet facilities.This is the owner of this places everyone seems to address her as Mrs Malee. Her brother Tom is station here to help her out. Malee's Nature Lovers Bungalow are being around for 13 yrs now. There are some birds log at Malee's that detailed out the latest sighting being started by a birder long time ago. Since then it seems to be a ritual for any birders to note down the latest good sightings at chiangdoa then. Many birders would takes the opportunity to looks at the log books. By looking at this pictures do you all know where are those logs books are ? This is my first visit to Malee I presummed it is place on the same spot like in Mr Daeng Restaurant at Doi Inthanon. Yes I found it without much problem....
This is at Malee's guesthouse is quite cozy yah...
This is a scenery that I took near at the new bungalow that they just erected. Hei if anyone of you looking for a honeymoon site.. this is a good place... :-) Provided that your partner mind not to listen to owl calls at night and happy chirping birds around here.... Trust me I have checked this bungalow it is very cozy, clean and beautiful as well.What caught my attention on this bird was this individual clung and moves like woodpecker or treecreeper on this tree trunk. This bird is at a quite a far distance, I could not understand why is this individual behave in this manner. Only when I blow up this pix only I realised that this bird is feeding on some insect/worms from this tree trunk.
One can have a good looks at the Sooty-Headed Bulbul as they are abundance like our Yellow-Vented Bulbul here.
I suspect this is a warbler. Recall saw a bird perched on one of those reeds in the middle of the field earlier behaving like Reed Warbler. This birds does not have a supercilium much smaller of a bulbul size.. I do recall it have no crest but a bit puffy throat quite a uniform brown on the top.... Aiyoh I wish you perched nearer to have my brown jobs much easier.This is another looks of it.. Well by looking a bird at this angle ... it is just only bird.. just duno what spp..
Due to the surrounding is limestone, therefore Blue Rock Thrush is there too..
Common Tailorbird, ...don't ask me why I need to travel that far to takes photo of a common tailorbird...
Puff-Throated Bulbul appear among the others in the bird waves around at the temple car park.
Striped Tit Babbler is also among in the bird waves.
How I wish this is the Rufous-fronted Babbler...but...but... a chong...chong... bird again :-(
This is lonely male Hill Blue Flycatcher perched at the stair railing as I walk down from the Cendi..
There is some fruiting trees around at the car park of the temple. This Blue Throated Barbet is among those who appears.. THIS is our LIFER... well this pictures being taken by one of our teammate - Mr Lam.. Bird perched too high up ... too far... for me to freeze it...
A Red-Throated Flycatcher taken by one of our teammate as well - Mr Lam
Others birds sighted around Malee's and Wat Tam Pa Plong.
Mountain Imperial Pigeon, Spotted Dove, Striped-Throated Bubul, Great Iora, Streaked Spiderhunter, Grey Cheeked Fulveta, Brown Cheeked Fulveta, Blue Winged Leafbird, Yellow Eyed Babbler, Green Magpie (heard), Verditer Flycatcher, Asian Brown Flycatcher, Scaly-Breasted Munia, Black Crested Bulbul, Yellow Naped Woodpecker (greater or lesser... we need a scope...) , Oriental Magpie Robin, Streaked Wren Babbler, Artic Warbler, Grey Throated Babbler, Black Eared Shrike Babbler, Chestnut Fronted Shrike Babbler, Rufous Fronted Babbler.


kellerk said...

Nice pictures, good comments! See you again in Chiangdao.

Wong Chor Mun said...

yar maybe one fine day..
BTW there are few good sightings that I miss out in my first trip.. will definately go back there again to try out..