Monday, February 11, 2008

19th Jan 2008 - Doi Suthep Non-Hunting Ground

Doi Suthep Non-Hunting Area is just about 15 mins from the Chiangmai airport, with this strategic place it is a good place to drop in before we ends our birding trip at chiangmai. This place is just behind the Doi Suthep monastery.

We only can spend about 1.5 hrs a quick birding session due to the flight back to Malaysia by Air Asia (AK 897) is sheduled at 11:05 am. Today I aim with high hopes to have a better glimpse of the resident Asian Barred Owlet. One of our team member saw this bird on a very short visit on 13th of January late afternoon while we are waiting for David being checked out from hospital. During my 1st visit that is in April Asian Barred Owlet can be easily spotted due to the trees here are bare, due to summer.

Today we reached this place about 7:30am. This time of the year of visit to this place, I noticed the trees here are not as bared as in April. All of us aim with the hopes to have a glimpse of the Blue Magpie as well.

This is the gate to the park, normal visitor would not walked it. Today I noticed the forestry officers are busy with a group of primary school kids. The kids group up together sing the Thailand national anthem as one of the boy raise the Thailand flags. We could not understand but guessing the way how the children and the forestry officers stand we think that they are singing their national athem. After that do noticed that the forestry officers gave a speech and he hold a book on the Important of Bird Areas. Hah.....that means that this children are being trained by the forestry officers on how to do bird-watching, recognise what is Important Bird Areas, to appreciate birds. After the speech the children are breaks into small groups, lead by their facilators. Most children have a small binoculars hang around their neck and one of them carried a small scope around. This kids could be their first time expose to birds, they excitely run up and down to spot birds. This young faces reflect so much joy when they spotted a bird. Birding indeed can be enjoyed by all walks of life, any age groups and any gender.

In this park, there are a few green fowl in the big cage, but this one live freely, fly to anywher it likes. How I wish this bird that perched on this tree would be the Blue Magpie that I place so much hope to tick.
A White-Rumped Shama echos it's melodious calls. We cannot resit ourselves but just to takes a few photo of him

A Common Tailorbird drop in to break the silence together with a Grey Cannary Flycatcher nearby.
Just about to reached 9am local time, where we need to head to airport. Siew Ping spot a black bird. RACKET-TAILED TREEPIE.!!! I scan through with my binoculars only noticed a Greater Racket Tailed Drongo. "Ok or not where got Treepie?" We waited awhile, this lonesone Racket-Tailed Treepie fly in again to this canopy fruiting tree. HAH... now I got my last lifer RACKET-TAILED TREEPIE to end this chiangmai birding trip. I have a few glance of it thru my binoculars before I took this few record shots of it..

A black looking bird with the eyes not red but bluish, with it's tail this long would definately could not be the Drongo...Yeh!!! another lifer...

Others birds that we sighted here,
White-Crested Laughingthrush, Asian Brown Flycatcher, Magpie Robin, Eurasian Jay, Green-Billed Malkoha, White-Troated Kingfisher, Sooty-Headed Bulbul, Red-Whiskered Bulbul, Yellow-Breasted Flowerpecker, Pond Heron

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