Thursday, December 10, 2020

Scoliosis patient's real life experience.

This is my spine xray still the same as of yesterday since Feb 17 2014 8.30pm. My scoliosis surgery was only 2.5hrs operative done in a teaching hospital in Malaysia. I had my 6+ years post ops review yesterday at the hospital I had my scoliosis surgery. You must be thinking my "bad spine" is due to bad accident or cause by my heavy load school bag. Answer is No, it is because I have idiopathic scoliosis. It started during my teens days it was mild curve even up to early adulthood. That is why I do not need surgical intervention earlier. Unfortunately my scoliosis continue to progress at the very slow rate even I had obtain mature skeletal. Over many decades and years it touched 65 cobb degree. It cause me to have asymmetrical shoulder and pelvic. To prevent my scoliosis to goes further to compress my internal organs, I was so glad and happy that my health condition and bone density fits the criteria for surgical candidate. I undergone scoliosis fussion surgery as adult scoliosis patient. From 17th Feb 2014 8.30pm, I have a better posture - symmetrical pelvic, shoulder and balance plumbline. In this post ops 6yrs I had accidentally fell and slip into the drain- whole body, slip and fell on a hard ground got my right knee bruise while walking on my high heels shoes. I went for knee xray cause the pain level was 8/10. Beside that I also slip and fell in a stream while trekking. I carried backpack loaded with my long lens, camera gears - estimated by 7kg , dragged along luggage bags using public transports in Sri Lanka did backpacking holidays. Last I was there living for 27 days travelling alone from one town to another lugging along my suitcase, camera gears and tripod using mode of transport public buses and train.

WFH due to covid 19 pandemic I sit on a stools for hours. My nature of job as a database administrator in a financial institute, there are days I work with no sleep. My fuse spine of T3 - L2 has no complains. The secret is I adhere to all the recovery instructions formula given by my spine surgeons. I diligently doing core back exercises since 12 weeks post ops. So in short, though I have a fuse spine because of fusion scoliosis surgery, yet I lives like any normal people.

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